Palworld has been in early access since January, but that hasn't stopped the game from gaining a following worldwide. Developers have been delighting players with new content and announcements, such as the battle arena they plan to release in 2024. However, it's not all good news; in recent days, a bug has appeared in Palworld that has caused some players to lose their saved data.

A few days ago, Pocket Pair released the new update, first on Steam and a few days later on Xbox. The patch brought new content and bugs. The error that appeared disrupts compatibility with old multiplayer save data. Soon, dozens of players reported the loss of multiplayer progress, and the developers quickly responded to this.

The studio stated that multiplayer save data created in previous versions of the game does not load properly in version, but they are already searching high and low and will soon release a hotfix.

Main image: Ensiplay