Not long ago, the newly released Palworld could boast an incredible online presence. However, in the last two weeks, the game lost more than half of its online players. On January 27, the project had 2.1 million people online simultaneously, but by February 11, this number had decreased nearly 2.8 times (by 1.3 million people).

PalworldImage credit: SteamDB

The decline was inevitable. The significant loss of players from Palworld is linked to a lack of content. The developers did not anticipate such popularity, therefore they were unable to prepare adequately. It is possible that some players will return after the release of a major update.

At the end of January, the developers published a "roadmap" for the game. In the future, the project will receive a PvP mode, a PvP arena for pals, new islands, creatures, bosses, and more.

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Data from SteamDB shows that Palworld remains among the top most-played games on Steam, currently only behind Counter-Strike 2. Additionally, this ranking does not include results from Xbox and Game Pass, where the game also made an excellent debut.

Let's see how the situation with the online player count changes when the developers release a major update that adds content to the game.

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