Square Enix's masterpiece, Final Fantasy 14, is ready to cast its spell on Xbox Series X/S users, marking an unprecedented leap into Microsoft’s next-gen gaming world. Announced during the Xbox Partner Preview on March 6th, this strategic alliance between Microsoft and Square Enix brings an eagerly awaited revelation: the game’s launch on next-gen consoles is slated for Thursday, March 21. Adventurers, rejoice: a free trial awaits the brave at heart.

Brimming with next-gen console perks, the Xbox Series X/S rendition of Final Fantasy 14 is a masterpiece in the making. Gamers are promised a realm of enhanced visuals, fluid frame rates, minimal load times, and mesmerizing 4K detail. Every piece of content, expansion, and patch known to the realms of PC and PlayStation will be at the players' fingertips, alongside the boon of cross-play and cross-progression capabilities. 

Final Fantasy 14Image: Steam Final Fantasy 14 

Venture into the epic saga of Final Fantasy 14, where the enchanting world of Eorzea beckons. Players forge their destinies, selecting from a myriad of classes and professions to challenge formidable adversaries. 

With four existing expansions A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers and the anticipation building for the fifth, Dawntrail, set to unveil in June, the saga continues to unfold. Stand ready, for a new chapter in Final Fantasy 14's illustrious saga is about to be written on Xbox Series X/S.

Main image: Steam