Streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel decided to find out the value of his Steam account with all games and items. The moment was captured during a Twitch stream.

In total, Lengyel has spent over $151,000 on various Steam purchases, excluding taxes. The streamer was surprised by this amount, as he believed he had only spent around $75,000 in Valve's digital store. Among his purchases are 813 games, including both major titles and indie projects. 

Additionally, xQc's inventory contains over a thousand CS2 items — some purchased on the Steam Market and some obtained from cases. He has twenty-four different knives, as well as two of the most expensive skins in Counter-Strike 2: AWP Dragon Lore and AWP Gungnir (each of them costs at least $15,000. While he can not be named a connoisseur of CS2 skins, xQc still has a very rich steam inventory.

Also, that is a reminder to track your expenses properly, as sometimes you may spend way more than you wanted.