Valve has conducted a new wave of bans in Dota 2. The company has now blocked an even larger number of professional players' smurf accounts. The exact number of banned accounts is unknown.

Professional Dota 2 players also couldn't escape the bans, with a notable example being pro player Steven "StingeR" Vargas, whose account was banned mid-way through a match.

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The apparent targets are smurf accounts and anyone who has shared their account with another person. This may be the reason StingeR was banned, as his teammate David "Parker" Nicho Flores was caught using StingeR's account in recent weeks.

The ban occurred during the match between Mad Kings and Thunder Awaken in the South American qualifier for Dreamleague Season 22. It was later announced that StingeR's account had been banned. The broadcast of the match was suspended, and Mad Kings lost the second game of the series, resulting in their elimination from the tournament.

Another esports player, Xu "fy" Linsen, also had his account affected.

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