ESL One Birmingham was an important tournament for many Dota 2 teams, as it is an international LAN event and provides valuable points to qualify for the Esports World Cup.

Twelve teams entered the tournament, and judging by the power of the participants, the competition was pretty stacked. We could see that in the group stage, as there were many tiebreakers, but we can also tell that from playoffs when only four series out of ten were clean sweeps.

Interestingly, though, three of them happened in the three final series. After the great run through the lower bracket, Team Falcons got hot, demolished Tundra Esports in the lower bracket finals, and clean-swept the BetBoom Team in the grand finals to lift the trophy.

Both Team Falcons and BetBoom Team have qualified for the Esports World Cup. Tundra Esports has a good chance to qualify, but they will need to get into the top 8 of the upcoming season of DreamLeague. This is not a difficult task, but we'll have to wait until the end of May.

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