For the second consecutive patch, HoYoverse is surprising players with unexpected hero announcements in Honkai: Star Rail. In March, the player community was impressed by the release of the cowboy Boothill (physical the hunt), and just a few hours ago, the developers officially announced that in the summer, in version 2.3, Jade will become a playable character

hsr JadeImage: EnsiplayA domineering woman who will never find herself in the role of a victim, she does not need support or approval to achieve her goals. It was this heroine who noticed Aventurine's ambitions and invited him to join team 10 in the IPC.

hsr JadeImage:

  • Rarity: 5★ 
  • Type: Quantum
  • Path: Erudition

The early release of this magnificent woman has stirred up the player community. In the official announcement on Reddit, commenters began to make plans, with some planning to completely skip the heroes of version 2.2 Robin and Boothill, both legendary characters who are strong and useful.

Why did Jade cause such a stir? The heroine will become the first 5★ quantum erudition in the game. It is assumed that the IPC employee will also possess bonus attacks, like her colleagues already available in the game Topaz and Aventurine. ogether, they are expected to have good synergy, but these are just player theories. 

We will find out what Jade is like in the game in the second half of patch 2.3 on July 10th. 

Main image: Ensiplay