Fans of Honkai Star Rail were certain that the next character to be announced would be Firefly, as she had already appeared in the game's storyline. However, the developers surprised everyone by introducing the legendary 5-star hero Boothill instead. Boothill is a cowboy-cyborg wandering through space, a type of traveler we've seen before in Argenti, the knight of beauty.

Boothill has a physical type and follows the Hunter path. Such heroes specialize in dealing significant damage to a single target. He is described as a reckless and optimistic cowboy-cyborg traveling through the vastness of space. Interestingly, he cannot swear. All foul words are replaced with cute phrases like "I love you" or "you're adorable".

Honkai Star Rail BoothillImage:

From the announcement, we also learned that Boothill has sworn to rid the world of evil by any means necessary. His bold behavior is a way to draw the attention of the Interstellar Corporation, to which he seeks revenge.

Boothill is expected to appear in the game with the release of Honkai Star Rail version 2.2, around May 8th. It is anticipated that his banner will be available in the second half of the patch, following the Robin banner, a physical character of the Harmony path. Although little is known about Boothill and he has not yet appeared in the game's storyline, his unexpected announcement has already caused quite a stir among players.

The introduction of a new 5-star physical character of the Hunter path could significantly impact the current meta-game of Honkai Star Rail. Players expect Boothill to become a powerful hero for single-target damage, which may change the dynamics of some game activities and challenges. Whether the new character will meet players' expectations or not will only be known when the hero appears in the game.

Main image: Ensiplay