In the game Honkai: Star Rail, the Penakonia region is rapidly developing. In version 2.2, around May 8, the banner for the heroine Robin will be available. Fragile yet highly determined, the girl has returned home at her family's invitation to perform at a festival. The new heroine's path is harmony. Such characters serve a support role, buffing the squad. The girl's abilities are not yet known, but they will be revealed in the upcoming update. The new heroine's power type is physical.

Following tradition, HoYoverse announces the character for the first half of the update at the beginning of the month. Thus, Robin can be obtained from the first banner of 2.2, unless changes occur. This method was similarly used to announce Black Swan.

Honkai Star Rail RobinImage: Honkai: Star RailRobin, along with Sunday, belongs to a race of angel-like beings. These two are celebrated across the universe. 

Honkai Star Rail Robin SundayImage: youtube.comMembers of this race are known for their beautiful appearance and mesmerizing, pleasant voices. Robin can be considered akin to local idols; she sings beautifully and is admired by many. A distinctive feature of angel-like beings is their radiance and feathered adornment around the head.

Main image: Ensiplay