Recently, Bethesda released a minor patch for Starfield, fixing several bugs. Then, on a forum where players discussed the development of the space RPG, a message from the developers appeared. Gamers were informed about upcoming innovations.

StarfieldImage credit: Steam

Starfield will receive support for FSR3 and XeSS upscalers, as well as a large pack of fixed quests at the beginning of 2024. The developers are working on a feature that will allow players not to roll back to old saves to complete 'broken' tasks. This way, many quests will become normal.

We are working hard on many of the issues you have reported and expect an update early next year that will include a large number of fixes for 'unfinished' tasks, as well as FSR3 and XeSS. While we've fixed a number of mission issues, fixes for 'unfinished' tasks are much more complicated, and we've created a new system to correct them without the need to cancel the save.

In parallel, the studio is preparing to release city maps, a toolkit for modders, and new ways of movement. It is planned that patches for Starfield will be released every six weeks. This timeframe is due to the studio spending a lot of time testing changes before release.

The release date of the next patch is not yet known.

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