Bethesda Studio announced the suspension of work on the so-called Creation Club — a service that allows easy downloading and installing mods in team games.

The break is dictated by the need for extensive technical maintenance work. The service will stop working in the morning of November 29. It is currently unknown how long this will last. Downloaded mods can still be used — just downloading and installing new ones will be impossible.

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It is unclear what specific changes will be made to Bethesda's modding services. However, fans speculate that during the break, the studio will lay the foundations for introducing official mod support for Starfield and integrating this game into the Creation Club. This is indicated by the words of Todd Howard in one of the interviews.

With mods, you can do almost anything you want, just like in our previous games. Mod support [in Starfield] will appear next year, but we also like it, so we will do it with a bang.

Bethesda earlier this year reported that it plans to add full mod support to Starfield in early 2024. The exact date has not yet been announced, but it seems that this may happen soon - in January or February of next year.

It should be reminded that although many mods for Starfield have already been released, so far they are made in a makeshift way, using fans' knowledge of the engine from previous parts of the series. Bethesda has already announced official modding tools, which will be released next year.

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