Starfield received its largest patch since its release — before this, the beta version of the patch was only available on Steam (you can read more about it here). In total, the developers managed to implement over 100 gameplay and graphical fixes. The studio improved textures, shadows, water effects, and lighting in dozens of areas.

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Users write that the updated lighting noticeably transforms the game, and some locations were hardly recognizable.

In total, lighting was updated in 73 locations. Developers also made NPCs more appealing and fixed several visual glitches. Additionally, the stability of Starfield was improved across all platforms.

Bethesda plans to release major patches for Starfield every six weeks. At the same time, minor updates will appear as needed. Among the innovations planned for the near future:

  • city maps;
  • new ways to navigate planets;
  • official tools for creating mods.

In the coming months, a narrative expansion titled Shattered Space will also be released.

Main image by ensiplay