A new mod for Starfield has emerged, consolidating the work of many different modders. It includes over 30 separate mods aimed at entirely transforming the basic RPG gameplay. There are so many changes and improvements that it feels like playing a different game.

StarfieldImage credit: nexusmods.com

The mod is called Royal Galaxy — Series One. It's a compilation of mods by user JaeDL and other developers that enhance and alter almost every aspect of the RPG.

The package includes several mods:

  • weapon rebalancing;
  • improved powers for Starborn Armors;
  • redesigning of terrormorphs;
  • changes to weather and much more.

But there are also brand new, previously unreleased mods.

The loot system from various sources has been significantly improved: boss chests, unique enemies, even locked chests. The economy of The Settled Systems has been revamped: traders have more credits, missions yield more, but sales bring less. Space encounters have also been expanded: there are more enemies, and ship controls have been improved.

StarfieldImage credit: nexusmods.com

There's additional incentive to explore planets: it now grants more experience, and surfaces are teeming with terrormorphs. Even healing items have become more realistic, depending on what you use. And this is just a small part of it all, as the changes also affect crafting, perks, explosives, dialogues, and many other aspects.

JaeDL reports that new mods may be included in the second part of the package. However, no significant updates will be made in this release.

You can download the mod and read the instructions here.

Main image by Easy Diffusion