The organizer and host of Summer Game Fest 2024, Geoff Keighley, asked his followers on the social network X to rate the presentation that took place on the night of June 8. Eight hours after the poll was launched, more than 40% of respondents voted for the "D or below" option. The total number of responses exceeded 250,000.

People liked the show itself, but not the content. Gamers wanted more big announcements and content about big games.

After the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Keighley conducted another poll to find out viewers' opinions on Microsoft's presentation. At the time of publication, around 165,000 users had voted, and most of them (more than 65%) gave it the highest rating.

In the comments, users particularly praised the large number of major game showcases from Microsoft. According to them, this was one of the rare gaming events in recent years that reminded them of E3 presentations.

Such an obvious contrast in people's opinion is a great food for thoughts. It would be interesting to look at the future game presentations from Geoff Keighley and his team.

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