After the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Phil Spencer spoke with IGN about the presentations and answered a few questions, including the closure of Tango Gameworks. The head of Xbox did not disclose why Microsoft made this decision, only noting that the company had to proceed this way. Microsoft is currently providing the necessary support to the laid-off developers.

Spencer confirmed that more games from Xbox internal studios will appear on other consoles. Microsoft sees this as an opportunity to develop their franchises. The decision to release DOOM: The Dark Ages on PS5 was made by the developers themselves.

Spencer highlighted the main advantages of the Xbox ecosystem, naming Game Pass, which includes all new games from internal studios, and the ability to play on both console and PC without additional charges when purchasing a title from the Microsoft Store.

According to Phil, currently, there are more Xbox owners in the world than ever before. He does not regret the decisions to release titles on PC and to develop Game Pass.

Spencer did not confirm or deny whether Microsoft is working on a portable console. He only noted that his team is exploring different form factors and possibilities for gaming.

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