For quite some time, there has been a tradition in Dota 2. Each summer, the community votes for their favourites among potential in-game items, and winners arrive at Dota 2 in a special Collector's Cache. Now, this time has come again.

Valve has launched a voting campaign for user-created sets that will appear in the next Collector's Cache in Dota 2. Anyone interested can select and rate their favourite works. This time, we will have a shocking number of 248 candidates! You can see them all in a video:

You can vote in the Dota 2 client, as there is a special section in the main menu. And don't be scared of that number, as you don't have to give thumbs up and thumbs down non-stop. Game saves your choices, so it might be a good idea to look at one or two dozens of sets per session. The voting will conclude on May 21st, so there is plenty of time left.

The Collector's Cache 2024, according to Valve, will be released during the Crownfall event, so it will probably happen this summer.

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