Valve is a company that is not afraid to question established solutions. With the Dota 2 7.35d update, they introduced a revolutionary idea that might greatly improve players’ experience - the new ban phase.

Before this update, people were nominating heroes for a ban at the start of each All-Pick match. However, some third-party cheat developers used it as an opportunity to parse the information on the opponents and suggested banning their favourite heroes. It was a problem that brought significant discomfort to the community, and Valve brought up the simple and smart concept. Now, all players in their profile will choose four heroes they don’t want to play with or against, and one of them randomly will be banned. Such a decision might greatly improve the gaming experience.

Another interesting feature that is added with the update is the ability to get more details about your match before it starts. Players will be able to see the disparity in skill as well as the difference in behaviour score and decline the match if they are not satisfied. Currently, this feature is available only to Dota Plus subscribers.

Main image: Valve