Valve carried out a large-scale wave of smurf account blocks in the 7.35 patch for Dota 2. Tens of thousands of accounts were affected, including esports athletes. This list also included profiles that were "cleaning" their conduct scores with the help of other players.

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Here's the message the developers wrote:

Perhaps you remember that in September we took out the ban-hammer and permanently blocked 90,000 smurf accounts. Since then, we have continued not only to personally monitor player behavior but also to analyze their actions using automated systems. Over the past few weeks, another, more aggressive wave of blocks has passed, including tens of thousands of accounts blocked today.

At The International, some professional players discussed their smurf accounts with us. These discussions continued, and the professionals reached a mutual agreement: blocking their smurf accounts improves the Dota community. Rules should apply to everyone, and now they will. And smurfing is not the only dubious activity. Among other things, some violators spoil games for others and lose integrity, then hire other people to raise it back.

No matter what exactly you have done wrong, we have been watching you (but, of course, not while you sleep), and today we are taking strict measures. All of the above violations will be punished, including a decrease in integrity — and in the most serious cases, blocking of main accounts.

As we have already said, smurfing (and other negative behavior) ruins the game, and we want playing to be as pleasant as ever in the run-up to the New Year. So we wish everyone a happy Frostivus update! Everyone, except for smurf accounts, which are unlikely to be pleased with their more than deserved gifts.

Developers will ban main accounts for major violators. Others will have their conduct scores decreased.

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