A two-minute gameplay video from Call of Duty: Future Warfare by Neversoft, showcasing what could have been over 10 years ago, has suddenly surfaced on the internet.

According to industry veteran Brian Bright on X, the game Future Warfare, known as "NX1", emerged after Neversoft shifted from Guitar Hero.

CoD Future WarfareImage credit: x.com

The video, which appeared online, displays an early 2011 build of the game, featuring a mission on the Moon. Based on the content shown, Future Warfare was meant to be a mix of futuristic and terrestrial combat and was to include remastered maps from classic Call of Duty games.

Information surfaced online that Neversoft was destined to develop its own Call of Duty game – Future Warfare. The published two-minute video shows a soldier desperately fending off an attack on a lunar base. The video also displays a list of available missions.

CoD Future WarfareImage credit: xbdeals.net

In the comments to the video, developer Brian Bright explained that Neversoft was creating Future Warfare, and the Moon mission shown in the video was "actually for the team studying the engine", experimenting with features like low gravity.

He further explained that this game was intended to replace COD Ghosts and that when the game was canceled, Neversoft developed "2–3 campaign missions and a bunch of MP maps".

Another comment presented a list of multiplayer maps for Future Warfare, including:

  • Legacy Afghan;
  • Legacy Crash;
  • Legacy Terminal;
  • Bin Laden’s Compound;
  • Gladiator Assault;
  • Merc Mode Map;
  • BENK.

Unfortunately, Future Warfare was not meant to be.

Main image: redbull.com