The indie showcase The Triple-i Initiative nearly began with an expressive trailer for Vampire Survivors, in which the developers compiled dozens of comments requesting a port of the game to Sony consoles. 

Fans now know that the release of the popular auto-shooter on PS4 and PS5 will take place in the summer of 2024. 

Vampire Survivors PS4 PS5Image: youtube.comIn addition, the developers unveiled the "Operation Guns" DLC, a crossover with the Contra series, set to launch on May 9 for PC (Steam), Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The developers plan to implement a cross-save feature, allowing players to transfer their progress between platforms.

Operation Guns DLCImage: youtube.comThe developers paid special attention to building unique character builds and providing an extensive arsenal. "Operation Guns" will feature 22 types of fully automatic weapons, including rockets, high-tech blasters and a shotgun. Players will need to combine weapons and character abilities to create distinctive and effective builds.

The Triple i Initiative 2024Image: EnsiplayApart from "Operation Guns" numerous other intriguing projects were showcased at The Triple-i Initiative presentation. We have prepared separate articles with convenient navigation and trailers, featuring the arena for Palworld, the noir shooter MOUSE and the V Rising crossover with Castlevania.

 Main image: Ensiplay