While rumors circulate about a new Battlefield game, developers are actively working to improve Battlefield 2042 and bring it to its ideal state. Previous changes have already received positive feedback from fans, and the latest major update may attract even more veterans of the game series. 

On August 1st, update 5.2.0 was released, bringing many pleasant changes. The developers continue to refine the maps, including the popular "Hourglass" map. Previously, the main issue with level design was balance, with soldiers running around vast open spaces, providing the only elevated positions for many meters. As a result, vehicles and snipers ruthlessly decimated half of the enemy team. Now, maps are filled with cover and other architectural elements.

1Image credit: ingame.de

The long-awaited squad management feature has also been introduced. If a squad member is annoying, they can be confidently removed. The same can be done with the squad leader, who instead of leading the group, runs alone, pets a cat, or eats a hamburger. 

This update addresses numerous issues. For example, improvements have been made to bot behavior, object display on the map, and much more. Here are some interesting fixes: 

  • Icons of allies no longer appear above their heads when they are in the line of sight.
  • Ladders are no longer "greased with penguin fat", and soldiers will stop sliding on them.
  • Ammo box now has a universal reload time.
  • The reload time for ammo and medic boxes has been reduced to 16 seconds. Ammo boxes will be replenished every 15 seconds.
  • Icons on the "My Experiences" tab are displayed correctly.
  • The firing mode indicator is only shown on rifles with an active under-barrel grenade launcher.
  • Recoil when shooting at the Dozer shield is accurate.
  • Player won't move more slowly while using the XCE Bar and BSV-M scopes.
  • Various issues with displaying VFX laser sights have been fixed.
  • The NVK-FSN Holo sight now has a mesh screen.
  • The F-35E Panther and SU-57 FELON aircraft have had roll-related bugs fixed.
  • "Stealth" helicopters no longer suffer from long-range radar missiles. Missiles are still guided via the signal rocket on short-range.
  • Passengers in vehicles will receive alerts for the need to reload.
  • An issue where air cushion craft LCAA, Mi-240 Super Hind, and MV-38 Condor had non-functioning directional exits has been fixed.
  • Exiting ground vehicles can now be done through the door you are looking at.
  • Ground vehicles now have exit points in the rear. Thus, you can exit behind the vehicle. 

These changes will help the game improve and win back fans of the series. 

What do you think, will the changes benefit Battlefield 2042? Or is it too late to save this game?

Main Image: EA