At the time of its release, Call of Duty: Black Ops was a breath of fresh air for the well-known franchise, thanks to its entertaining multiplayer and interesting campaign with the Zombies mode. Even years after the game's launch, fans are still competing with each other, trying to beat various records. Twitch streamer PromptTheStealthPatcher stunned the gaming community by accomplishing what was considered impossible for 12 years.

The blogger single-handedly reached round 100 on the Call of the Dead map — one of the largest and most challenging in Black Ops. The task before the streamer was truly difficult, as the location is designed for a team of 4, and playing solo was considered unachievable. PromptTheStealthPatcher developed a unique strategy for completing the Call of the Dead map alone. 

Instead of the classic tactic of holding an advantageous position, he decided to spawn-kill zombies — eliminating them immediately after they appeared on the map. This required incredible reaction speed, shooting accuracy, and the ability to move correctly around the map. To perfect this strategy, the streamer spent over 60 hours honing his skills to perfection.

Main image: Ensiplay