Roblox has introduced AI-powered tools that will simplify the generation of content for maps. One of them is meant to help users create avatar models, while the other quickly changes textures. This will allow modders to save time and focus on the more creative aspects of map creation, rather than the technical side.

The automatic model configuration feature enables users to transform a 3D body mesh into an animated avatar in just a few minutes. The Roblox platform automatically configures the renders, joints, skin texture, and mesh polygons. The system automatically recognizes the gestures and poses of individual body parts of the model, allowing for the quick addition of clothing and attachment of animations. 

Roblox AI toolImage: RobloxThe creators of the tool say that modders will be able to reduce development time from several days to just minutes. Another useful feature is texture generation. If you're creating custom objects for your map, such as a table, the new tool will help you quickly change the color of the 3D object. A 3D texture is created and applied to the surface of the uploaded item. Ask the AI to make a "green summer dress" and you'll get a 3D version of that prompt. In the demo, they asked to create new textures for a backpack.

Roblox AI toolImage: RobloxCurrently, the avatars are only available in the alpha version, while the textures are in public beta and the tool can be found in Roblox Studio. With these new AI mechanics, content creation on the Roblox platform is sure to become easier.

Main image: Ensiplay, Dall-E 3