DICE announced that the seventh season of Battlefield 2042 will include 2 new maps instead of the traditional one. Two major updates were also announced. An update 3.3, releasing on January 30th, will include quality of life improvements.

From February 20th to March 5th, Battlefield 2042 will bring back the "Control" mode and reintroduce the Arkangel Directive event with new rewards. Additionally, new quality improvements will be implemented in the game: server updates, air vehicle fixes, and more.

Battlefield 2042Image credit: Reddit

A full demonstration of the content for the seventh season is also scheduled for March, with its release in the same month. As a teaser, the developers showed a snippet of a map featuring the streets of a town located in Chile.

Battlefield 2042Image credit: x.com

Furthermore, fans believe that a photo previously published by the creative director of Battlefield 2042 contains the logo of the seventh season.

Battlefield 2042Image credit: x.com

In October 2023, Battlefield 2042 reached its peak player count on Steam, gathering over one hundred thousand concurrent players.

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