Irdeto, the company behind the renowned Denuvo anti-piracy system, has unveiled TraceMark for Gaming, an innovative solution designed to assist game developers in identifying leak sources through the use of imperceptible watermarks. The Irdeto team is excited to witness the transformative effect this groundbreaking technology will have on the gaming landscape.

The foundation of TraceMark technology lies in its sophisticated digital watermarking system, which seamlessly integrates distinct, undetectable identifiers into the content. This cutting-edge approach has already proven its worth in various industries, including film studios and sports organizations. Now, for the first time, the gaming sector will benefit from the implementation of TraceMark's pioneering technology.

Hogwarts LegacyImage: youtube.comTraceMark for Gaming does not directly prevent leaks, but it will help deter potential "leakers" as it will become much easier to identify them. The tool supports all popular platforms. Invisible TraceMark tags can be embedded into games at any stage of their development, including the testing phase.

Denuvo is an anti-piracy system developed by Irdeto. The company rarely comments on their work, focusing instead on developing and improving the system. In the summer of 2023, the creators of Denuvo addressed the gaming community's reactions to their work. The chief executive officer of the gaming division acknowledged the reputation among players and provided examples of how Denuvo positively impacts the industry.

Main image: Ensiplay