Developers of the already controversial MMO, in reality, a shooter game The Day Before, began issuing refunds to players. On December 14th, the studio Fntastic announced that any purchaser of The Day Before could get a refund for the online action game, regardless of the number of hours played.

The developers specifically noted that they had received confirmation from Steam. However, there is still no message about refunds on request on the game's page.

In another statement, representatives of Fntastic reaffirmed the studio's closure. They also refuted rumors that the company was planning to change its name and continue operating.

The studio's head, Eduard Gotovtsev, shared sales data with the staff shortly after the release. The number of refunds reached nearly 50%.

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The Day Before was released in early access on December 7, 2023. The release of the action game turned into a scandal. The game's terrible technical state was not the main issue. Gamers started accusing the developers of fraud because the trailers showed one game, but a completely different one was released. A few days after the game's release, the Fntastic studio announced its closure. The Day Before can no longer be purchased on Steam.

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