The young studio Fntastic had previously made its mark with the release of a survival game titled The Day Before, which became the most notable gaming failure of last year. Support for the game was officially discontinued, and the authors announced bankruptcy and the closure of the studio.

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However, the ensuing scandal has not hindered them from working on their next project. Key creators of The Day Before have already assembled a new team and are working on a game in a new genre. This was reported by Polish journalists from the portal CD-Action.

As reported, the Gotovtsev brothers, who were the founders of Fntastic studio and the lead game designers of The Day Before, are working on the new game. They developed the concept of the project even before the disastrous release, but its actual development only began recently with almost an entirely new team.

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According to journalists, the developers are working on a game for mobile platforms. The name of the project and other details remain unknown. Only a few former employees of Fntastic have joined its creation. Mainly, a new team of specialists is working on the game.

The failure of The Day Before has forced the authors to revise their approach to promoting their project, so there will be no official announcements about their new game until its release.

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