An enthusiast, who apparently liked The Day Before, created a petition. The player wants the developers to continue the project. At the time of writing the article, more than 700 people had signed the petition.

The petition's author states that a community of fans has formed around The Day Before, with broadcasts attracting around a hundred viewers and YouTube videos garnering thousands of views. It was also noted that users are still interested in whether they can purchase the multiplayer shooter after it was removed from sale on Steam.

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Speaking of sales, users on the Internet have started actively selling keys to The Day Before. The prices are incredible — from $200. Gamers are also offered accounts with the game activated, but they are asking much more for these, up to $1000.

Returning to the petition and the enthusiast. The statement's creator proposed a whole list of changes to improve the game to the publisher and developers of The Day Before. The fan stated that it is necessary to optimize the shooter, improve performance, allocate more servers, fix gameplay flaws, and also allow players to create custom modifications.

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Obviously, if the development of The Day Before is to be continued, it will not be undertaken by the now-closed Fntastic.

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