The release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled for February 29, 2024, exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console. In the recent demo version, players pointed out low image quality and visual issues in performance mode. The developers responded to the feedback and announced that the 60 FPS mode will receive an update to enhance the graphics quality.

Initially, the low image quality was commented on by Digital Foundry specialist John Linneman. He stated that the resolution of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in "Performance" mode is 1440p, and the "blurriness" occurs due to errors in post-processing.

On February 14, Square Enix confirmed the issue, promising to improve the image quality in "Performance" mode. This will happen on February 21 with the release of a patch for the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo version.

The developers did not specify how exactly they will improve the graphics. It appears they will increase the rendering resolution.

Along with the release of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo version, comparative videos appeared online, showing the difference in graphics between the two modes — "Quality" and "Performance".

Main image by ensiplay