Rumors have been confirmed: Dead by Daylight will feature a crossover with Alan Wake. To celebrate, the developers have shown a trailer. The arrival of new content is expected on January 30th.

In the trailer, you can see Alan himself, who will become the new survivor. He writes a story on a typewriter, repairs generators, and encounters paranormal phenomena face to face. Wake's trusty ally remains his flashlight, which dispels the darkness.

Alan finds himself trapped and desperately tries to escape. He continues to write novels in search of freedom, but eventually, he is transported to another dark place and sent directly into the realm of The Entity.

Among Alan's perks will be a speed boost when holding a flashlight and the ability to illuminate nearby chests and generators thanks to a totem. Along with Wake, the game will receive an update with bug fixes and balance tweaks. It's already available for testing in the public beta.

You can familiarize yourself with the full list of the character's abilities here.

Previously, the developers of Dead by Daylight conducted a survey among players, hinting at potential new modes.

Main image by ensiplay