The creators of The Finals released an update for the shooter, making the battle pass leveling easier.

Previously, users complained that leveling up the battle pass took too long and there wasn't enough time to obtain the desired rewards. Now, by completing tasks and activities, gamers will receive more experience, allowing them to reach the desired rewards more quickly.

For weekly contracts, now there are 4500 experience points instead of 2000, and for weekly goals, 9000 instead of 4000. The number of weekly contracts has been reduced from 8 to 6.

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Additionally, the amount of experience gained for various actions during the match has been increased. Opening a coin box now gives 200 experience points, starting a box upload gives 300 experience points, a successful box upload gives 400, and so on.

Furthermore, the update removed a modifier from The Finals named Dead Go Boom. Due to this modifier, the corpses of killed players exploded and excessively penalized the winners of a duel, so the developers decided to remove this feature.

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A "Play Again" button has been added to the interface — it allows players to start a new game without the need to return to the main menu.

Voice chat on PC is now enabled by default and set to Push To Talk mode, while on consoles, the situation is similar, only the chat is in voice activation mode.

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