Today, The Finals is receiving a significant update that will introduce a new "experimental" single-player mode with limited time, new outfits, quality of life fixes, and much more.

There's considerable focus on the new PvP mode, named Solo Bank it. Players will battle against 11 others in a race to be the first to collect $40,000.

It's still unclear exactly what the limited-time single-player mode will entail. However, the developers claim that the "experimental" game mode will be released along with version 1.5.0, accompanied by a bunch of new skins (some of which are shown in the above trailer).

The issue with cheaters remains relevant. Embark reports that the update will include improvements for the security system to combat cheating and promote fair play.

THE FINALSImage credit: Steam

The upcoming update also includes a list of unspecified balance changes, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

The Finals is a competitive multiplayer FPS from a team of former Battlefield developers. In the base game, Cashout, 3 teams of 3 players each are tasked with opening vaults across the map and moving them to cash-out locations. Afterward, players must defend their prize until the timer expires, winning the game after receiving two payouts.

Main image by ensiplay