In Japan, there's an entire park dedicated to the sluggish Slowpoke Pokemon. This unique attraction is located in Kagawa Prefecture, which chose Slowpoke as its official ambassador. The reason behind this choice lies in the fact that Kagawa produces a lot of udon noodles, and in Japanese, Slowpoke is called "Yadon", which sounds similar to the name of this dish.

Slowpoke parkImage: local.pokemon.jpIn 2018, the prefecture began flirting slightly with this theme, but soon the Pokemon took over almost the entire region. Now, in Kagawa, there's not only a Slowpoke Park but also public transport stops, restaurants, and even manhole covers adorned with images of this sluggish character.

Slowpoke parkImage: local.pokemon.jpThe Slowpoke Park has become a major attraction in Kagawa Prefecture. Here, visitors can find numerous themed sculptures, art objects, and photo spots dedicated to this Pokemon. Guests can take pictures with a giant Slowpoke statue, play on a playground designed in its style, or simply stroll along the picturesque park trails.

Such an unusual approach to decorating attracts not only fans of the Pokemon franchise but also travelers from all over the world. Kagawa Prefecture has managed to turn its love for udon and Slowpoke into a successful tourist project.

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