WrestleMania is an event that draws lots of eyeballs from all over the globe. It is a great opportunity to show yourself as a hero… or to be destroyed. Famous blogger and streamer IShowSpeed tasted the toughness of professional wrestling last Sunday.

Another popular blogger and WWE Superstar, Logan Paul, was in a triple-threat match against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens for the US championship. Like in his previous big matches, Paul was accompanied by a mascot in the form of a plastic bottle. Last time, it was KSI, and there was a big intrigue about who was hiding in the bottle.

The culmination of the match happened when Randy Orton decided to punt kick Logan Paul, but the mascot managed to drag his friend out of harm's way. Immediately after that move, we learned that it was none other than IShowSpeed. He confronted Randy Orton, but the result was rather predictable. The Viper first sent the blogger flying with his kick, and after that, dragged him onto the announcers' table and made his finisher move, RKO.

IShowSpeed was knocked out cold even though the table didn't break (Randy has a long and complicated relationship with unbreakable tables). However, that was enough for Logan Paul to come back and retain his WWE United States Championship. IShowSpeed received his WrestleMania moment, even though it will really hurt.

Main image: youtube.com