Last month, Ninja, a popular streamer on Twitch and YouTube, announced that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer.

Please note that this news article discusses cancer. If you find this topic distressing, we recommend stopping here.

On March 27th, the gamer and online streamer shared on the social media platform X that he had been diagnosed with melanoma — a type of skin cancer. Fans began asking why the blogger was sharing such candid details immediately after finding out. The 32-year-old streamer explained that although he was shocked, he wanted to keep everyone informed. 

He later shared more details, revealing that the diagnosis came during a routine annual skin and mole check-up. A concerning mole was discovered on his foot, which they wanted to remove as a precaution, but it turned out to be melanoma. Despite this unfortunate event, the streamer is grateful that the danger was caught at an early stage.

Since then, Ninja hadn't posted any updates until April 4th. Finally, the popular streamer learned that the danger had passed and his health was no longer at risk. 

The blogger reminded his audience that he wanted to use his story to draw attention to the problem of infrequent doctor visits and encouraged readers to schedule appointments with dermatologists as well. Ninja expressed gratitude for all the support and kind words and his followers were equally thrilled to receive the good news.

Main image: Ensiplay