Four years ago, the gaming community was shocked when Twitch permanently banned Dr. Disrespect. There were very few details about that situation: Champions' Club moved to YouTube, while Twitch refunded money for subscriptions and kept being the number one streaming platform for gamers.

In 2022, Dr Disrespect settled his court case with Twitch, and none of the parties admitted to any wrongdoings. For almost 1,400 days, the mystery of this ban has been unsolved. However, recently, the streamer shared some emotions about the consequences of this ban.

Dr Disrespect shared that negotiations about potential big sponsorship deals were immediately stopped. He named two big sportswear companies, Nike and Oakley. 

That was a tough time. Not gonna beat around the bush, man. We didn't know. We didn't find out until a year later. But during that time, we built everything up to that point. We lost out on a lot of big deals, a lot of sponsorships.

While this ban undoubtedly greatly impacted the former self-proclaimed "face of Twitch", he managed to recover his audience. Dr Disrespect's YouTube channel has over 4.7 million subscribers, so who knows what the future will prepare?

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