Imagine walking on the street and suddenly being asked for a street interview where you've been asked about your salary. Can you come up with a fantasy tale on the fly, or will you tell the truth?

One of the biggest streamers of the last decade, xQc, was suddenly caught in such a situation. When asked about his income, the Canadian answered:

I think it's public, right? Yeah, it was leaked. It was like 9 … $9 million.

When people began discussing that number, some of them noted this number might be possible if you're only counting things like subscriptions, donations and Twitch ads. However, it was reported that xQc signed a two-year, $100 million contract with Kick. While this contract may be one of a kind, it gives a clear picture that nine million dollars per successful year for a streamer of xQc calibre is most likely a very conservative estimation.

It is also worth remembering that only a handful of streamers have as big an audience as xQc. The Canadian rose to the top during hype around the Overwatch League, where he was banned due to controversial behaviour. There's nothing wrong with being motivated by stories of success; just remember that with one success story come hundreds of failures. So don't let these numbers trick you.

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