Twitch has updated community guidelines and now streamers can watch content of creators who are suspended on the platform. That means streamers won't be penalized if they react to, for example, Dr. Disrespect clips.

How does the new policy work? There are still strict limitations:

  • Suspended creators can not appear on streams as guests
  • You need to add value of your own (just playing content from banned streamers will still be a violation)
  • You can't stream explicit content or content violating TOS by suspended creators.

As a result of these rules, you won't be able to comment on clips that brought suspension to the streamer, as it violates the TOS. However, some popular content creators who are banned on Twitch won't get this status of them-who-must-not-be-named-or-watched. This brings less stress to the streamers who excel in the commentary and reaction genres.

This policy is already on, so we can see in a short time whether it will bring any changes to the "content meta" or not.

Main image: alphacoders