The official esports league for the basketball simulator NBA 2K will be put on halt and restructured after unsatisfactory results from previous seasons. This was reported by the manager of one of the teams on his X page. Later, this information was confirmed by the championship commentators on their personal broadcast.

According to the source, the league's CEO gathered all employees for a short meeting lasting about ten minutes, where he announced that everyone was being let go. This includes commentators, analysts, and all other non-public staff. Later, NBA 2K League management stated that the league would undergo restructuring to transform it into a global digital entertainment business. This process is expected to take approximately 18 months.

The NBA 2K League has been held since 2017. The peak online viewership for broadcasts reached about 60,000 people, while the final of the last season did not even gather 26,000 viewers simultaneously. While esports itself may be very popular, it seems like the virtual clones of real sports are not. If possible, people tend to watch real people and real emotions instead of avatars.

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