Some interesting information about the Tekken 8 fighting game has surfaced on the Internet. A famous dataminer with the nickname Aggiornamenti Lumia posted the release date of the game on "X" (ex-Twitter). Game will release on January 26, 2024.

Probably, dataminer found these details in the analysis of changes in the Microsoft Store. Aggiornamenti Lumia is a reputable source, as it never makes mistakes, providing reliable data.

Earlier, the closed test of the game began and 40 minutes gameplay video appeared. It shows gameplay for 16 characters on various arenas. The video shows gameplay for 16 characters in several arenas.

Also some dataminers revealed the secret of Tekken 8 story mode. It will be related to the new character Reina. She will be a key character that will affect the final battle between Kazuya and Jina.

Marduk's fighting techniques were also found in the game's files. This means that fans might be able to see their favorite character in a future game.

Main image: Steam