Enshrouded's creators have unveiled the game's inaugural significant patch, introducing a plethora of fresh content and enhancements, such as unexplored dungeons, formidable adversaries, innovative armaments, original crafting formulas, and a host of other exciting additions.

Each of the game's biomes now includes the newly introduced "Hollow Halls" dungeons. Players will face fresh challenges and battles against dangerous foes, with valuable rewards awaiting those who successfully complete them. Moreover, players can encounter a new survivor in the "Hollow Halls" who will become a valuable ally in their village.

The patch brings forth an original crafting workshop offering distinctive blueprints, alongside fresh armaments, construction components, and ornamental features. For example, farmers can now create decorative plant pots, while carpenters have gained the ability to build circular windows and entryways, which will surely appeal to fans of hobbit-style architecture.

Developers have added sitting animations for chairs and benches, completely revamped the town of Willow Crush in Revelwoods, and improved other areas. Additionally, a new quest chain has been introduced, which can be started by speaking with the Alchemist.

Enshrouded AlchemistImage: youtube.comThe list of enemies has been expanded with new dangerous creatures dwelling in the Depths. However, the developers have not only focused on making the game more challenging but also on simplifying certain aspects for players. For instance, the game now features convenient stack splitting in the inventory, the ability to use the contents of magic chests at crafting stations, and an improved gathering menu. 

Furthermore, a marker function has been added for cooperative play, allowing players to indicate to their companions where they should look.

Support for Nvidia Reflex has been added, along with image sharpness settings and the option to disable contact shadows. Moreover, players can now turn off small spiders in the game, which will undoubtedly delight arachnophobes.

Main image: Enshrouded update trailer