We're less than 24 hours before eight filmed episodes of the Fallout TV series will be released on Amazon Prime Video at once. While "video game adaptation" has been a curse for at least a couple of decades, now we are optimistic about the upcoming release. First of all, because we had great adaptations (for example, Arcane). Second of all, because the names of the key staff look trustworthy.

Jonathan Nolan, an executive producer of the series and the director of the first three episodes, who is also the author of Westworld, has lots of experience and success in his projects. The trailer looks great, and while the Fallout franchise had its ups and downs, this setting and iconic status give lots of opportunities for a successful live-action adaptation.

What's interesting is that, once again, Amazon Prime Video moved the release date towards a faster release. Instead of April 11, all eight episodes oof this live-action adaptation will be available for streaming at 6 p.m. ET on April 10. 

Main image: youtube.com