Now even console players can't escape cheaters. The recently launched beta-test of Modern Warfare 3 on consoles suddenly stood out due to a massive number of cheaters in matches. Players can see each other through walls and make perfect headshots, even though these are regular matches in the shooter's beta version.

According to the post on "X", cheaters and hackers quickly infiltrated the new game, using "hacked and modified PlayStation 4 consoles". Developers have asked users to compile complaints about the beta, and in response, fans have indeed mentioned the presence of cheaters.

Over the last few years, the problem with cheaters in Call of Duty has been escalating and driving players away. It seemed that the developers had managed to deal with them by updating the anti-cheat and improving other protective measures, but the situation only got worse. Cheaters have managed to adapt to Modern Warfare 3 and are already terrorizing console gamers.

The beta test for the online mode of Modern Warfare 3 will be open to all players on PC and Xbox from October 14th to 16th. If the cheaters have managed to hack the console versions of the shooter, they will flood the lobbies from the first hours of PC testing. The developers have not officially responded to the situation yet. Players are calling to return the pre-orders of the shooter and to refrain from purchasing the game.

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