Last year, CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and CoD: Warzone 2 had a collaboration with The Boys series. At that time, superhero abilities appeared in the games for the first time, albeit as part of a temporary mode, and 3 iconic characters from the show were added. Players were pleased with such cooperation. The shooter's developers have announced a continuation. Call of Duty will introduce new characters from The Boys, and a new mode will be added.

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The new collaboration with The Boys series will be part of the first season of the shooter titled Reloaded, which will introduce a new "The Boys: Supe Siege" mode in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. In addition to new content in The Boys: Supe Siege mode, players will be able to purchase two new operators. The new playable characters will be A-Train and Firecracker.

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The new characters will also be available in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The event with new heroes and game mode is planned to start next week — January 17th. In Warzone, there will be a new Championʼs Quest challenge on the Urzikstan map, and in the Gulag, the lights will be turned off, requiring players to navigate with night vision goggles. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to leave the match using the Covert Exfil helicopter, although only 5 helicopters can be purchased during a match.

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