For all the old-school PUBG fans, KRAFTON has a special surprise the classic version of the legendary Erangel map will make a return to the game, but only for a limited time. The developers have decided to transport players back to the atmosphere of 2016.

PUBG Erangel mapImage: pubg.comStarting May 14 on PC and May 23 on consoles, the beloved location will be available in a retro graphics style. The map will be recreated as closely as possible to the original version, with visuals and details that were present in the game's early builds. Old-timers will once again be able to experience the spirit of the genre's pioneers in the battle royale genre.

In addition to the visual appearance, the developers will also adjust the balance of firearms to authentically recreate the classic PUBG gunplay. Players will encounter random natural phenomena, such as fog, rain, and other effects that were present in the original Erangel, across various locations on the map.

PUBG Erangel mapImage: pubg.comThe retro event featuring the classic map will last for two weeks. For PC players, it will start on May 14, while console players can join in on May 23. PUBG fans will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game's early days and experience where the journey in the battle royale genre began.

Main image: Ensiplay