Speedrunner Chronos completed Baldur's Gate 3 in the hardcore Honour Mode in just 22 minutes and 54 seconds. This was achieved using jumps and various tricks.

Previously, the record was also held by the same gamer. The first time, he finished the game in 38 minutes and 8 seconds, and then improved his time to 25 minutes and 58 seconds. So far, no other speedrunner has been able to surpass Chronos' result.

Honour Mode was introduced in Baldur's Gate 3 at the end of November 2023. It makes the game more challenging by giving bosses new abilities and allowing them to deal more damage to characters. Encounters with enemies in hardcore mode are genuinely dangerous, as you can only save once, and the death of the hero means the end of the game. Considering all the features of this mode, the speedrunner's record is even more impressive!

By the way, the game received its 16th hotfix. The developers fixed a large number of issues related to animations, dialogues, user interface, saves, and other aspects. You can view the full list of changes here.

Main image by ensiplay