Dark Souls series is known for its difficulty, where each boss is a challenge for players. Nevertheless, experienced speedrunners constantly seek ways to overcome the difficulties as quickly as possible. One such player is Regole, an experienced streamer who managed to complete the entire Dark Souls trilogy from start to finish in less than an hour and a half.

Completed all games in the series from start to final boss in 1 hour 29 minutes. This is a new world record in the Any% category, which allows the use of shortcuts for speed. The achievement is impressive, given the complexity and duration of each game.

Dark Souls trilogy speedrunImage: youtube.comThe Any% category, in which this record was set, allows players to use any available means for the fastest completion, including shortcuts and various game glitches. Speedrunners must understand the basics of game systems and spend a long time searching for ways to quickly move or trigger glitches.

Speedrunning community engages not only in completing difficult boss fights, but also in performing amusing in-game challenges. For example, in late March, shortly after the release of a Stardew Valley patch, one player set a record for the fastest preparation and consumption of mayonnaise.

Main image: Ensiplay