Official support for NVIDIA DLSS with frame generation in Starfield will appear on Steam next week, announced Bethesda.

Already in September, Bethesda announced that it was working on adding support for NVIDIA DLSS (among other things) to the game in future patches. To date, DLSS with frame generation is only possible through mods.

Public testing of the next patch for Starfield will begin in the week from November 6 to 12, 2023. Bethesda will implement DLSS support with frame generation through the Steam beta version. In addition to DLSS support, this beta update will add display control and HDR elements, as well as additional optimizations and improvements.

Developers will first collect feedback from participants in the patch testing, and then release its final version on PC and Xbox. The exact release date of the update is still unknown. More detailed information about this promising update will be published soon.

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