On January 22, the servers for the controversial game The Day Before, developed by the Yakutsk studio Fntastic, ceased operations. According to SteamDb, the official online presence of the game dropped to zero. This outcome had been reported a month ago, shortly after the developer studio Fntastic ceased its operations.

Early access to The Day Before was provided on December 7, 2023. However, players immediately engaged in controversy with the new release, expressing critical remarks and accusing the developers of deception.

The Day BeforeImage credit: pcgames.de

The game turned out to have a significant number of missing features, including MMO options, a melee combat system, survival elements, and so on. Moreover, the opponents in the game were extremely unintelligent, and there were serious issues with bugs.

Eventually, the developers even removed the "MMO" tag from the game's Steam page, but this did not save it from devastating reviews. In the end, The Day Before was completely removed from sale.

The Day BeforeImage credit: gamestar.de

Soon, keys and accounts for The Day Before began to be resold on trading platforms for about $1000. By the end of December, it was known that fans were trying to convert The Day Before to offline mode.

By the end of December, a group of enthusiasts decided to create their own standalone mod for The Day Before, but it's doubtful whether it will be of interest to anyone after such a loud failure of the original.

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