The Yakutsk studio Fntastic unexpectedly resurfaced and published an official statement on social networks following the unsuccessful launch of their online action game The Day Before.

The company refuted accusations of deceiving users, asserting that all the elements shown in the trailers were implemented in the game. The developers only acknowledged the absence of some minor features, such as parkour, but claimed these were intended to be included in future updates. Fntastic also reminded that they refunded money to all players.

In the statement, Fntastic also addressed bloggers, whom the company accused of creating unreliable content for the sake of attracting attention and followers. The developers believe that it was the bloggers who were the only ones to profit from the game.

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The information that investors were deceived is also false. Relations with the publisher Mytona are excellent. The developers did not specify the current relationship with Nvidia and Microsoft.

Subsequent to the release of The Day Before, there were reports from former Fntastic employees about unpaid compensation upon dismissal and constant staff turnover. However, the studio denies these accusations, claiming that all employees received support, regardless of their location.

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